It's time to think outside the box.

It's time to engage students in new ways and build new musical communities.

Join us to explore a few of the many non-standard musical opportunities you can introduce to your students.

Hands-on workshops and activities inspire and invigorate teachers and provide directly-applicable strategies for the classroom.

Get involved and be a part of the conversation. Our Q&A session at the end of the conference helps educators network, exchange ideas, and propel our thinking forward.

Be open-minded. Be inspired. Take a risk and try something new. Education should never be about staying within our comfort zone. We embrace change, alongside our students, and are open to new musical experiences.

Registration Fee: $90.00 (Students w/ ID $20.00) Price includes all conference activities, resources, and lunch. Pre-Registration Deadline: March 13, 2015. After March 13 - $120 (Student $30). On-Site Registration: $150 (Student $45)

The Rogue Music Education Conference

Many of the world's musical traditions are centered around community music making experiences. Anyone can participate, and the act of making music is often woven into the fabric of their daily lives. In the United States, there are many pockets of this true, authentic community-based music making, but these traditions do not often find their ways into our schools. We will feature these styles and approaches at this year's conference to further expand opportunities for students interested in music.

The Rogue Music Education Conference highlights the critical role and benefit of non-standard performance ensembles and teaching practices in school music programs. Each workshop is hands-on, giving attendees an "inside look" into the ways teachers mirror and adapt cultural practices in their classrooms. The conference concludes with an open question and answer session with all participants, presenters, and conference organizers.

From previous Rogue participants...

To see students and community members performing music was great. Even as a maiden voyage, this was the best teacher workshop I've ever been to. Music ed needs more of this, music that brings meaning into people's lives. Thank you!!!!! Rogue participant Fairport CSD
What really inspired me was just the ongoing conversation we were all having throughout the day... The schedule and pacing was great—just the right amount of time for everything that was demonstrated and discussed. It was so great—I really loved it, and hope to be back next year! Rogue participant Diocese of Rochester school
Quick and invigorating. Non-stop (in a good way)! It kept me going. Loved the take home materials [and] I began using them immediately. Rogue participant Gates-Chili CSD