Teaching Improvisation: How to Get Started and Beyond
How do students learn to improvise? Christopher Azzara will offer a common sense approach that improves your musicianship and that of your students—making connections for general, vocal, and instrumental teachers at all levels of instruction. Participants will be introduced to techniques designed to: improve musicianship; develop improvisation skills in a variety of musical styles; include improvisation as an integral part of teaching and learning; define relationships among improvisation, reading, and composition; and assess student learning.


Arrangement: Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students

It can be a simple process to help students maximize their knowledge, skill, and performance through arrangement. Arrangements created by the students using basic knowledge of note and chord function allow for the unique characteristics of the student, the class, and the ensemble to be considered.


Beginning Composition

Composing music and words can be a daunting task for students and professionals of all ages.  Chris Teal, co-Director of the Institute for Creative Music, presents beginning composition activities that are approachable by any age and experience level. In this workshop, you will create simple loops from music you already know (like a DJ would) and adapt them into your own arrangements and compositions. This session will get you and your students creating compositions from scratch as well as realizing the power of investigating melodies and songs they already love.